About Us

Company Background

Illusions Group of Spas is a journey inspired by two childhood friends, Stella and Evelyn. Established in 2004, their passion for wellness and beauty drawn on the elemental wisdom of nature led to the creation of numerous treatments that both invoke and restore the body’s natural equilibrium.

Illusions Group of Spas takes a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well being providing a sanctuary for senses. Our health and beauty remedies combine the use of organic natural aromatic oils, herbs and spices with ancient healing power under the intuitive touch of our therapist simple sensory pleasure and reawakened, completing the experience that defines Illusions Spas.

Our Team

Illusions Group of Spas comprises of two levels of management namely;

  1. Top Level Management: Financial and Managerial
  2. Low Level Management: Administrative and Non-administrative personnel

What we stand for

Mission Statement
To provide total wellness as a lifestyle approach with a touch of nature from head to toe aimed to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

Vision Statement
To grow and deliver the best spa services in the region.

Our Values
Illusions spa’s uniqueness lies in the strong set of values implicit in every aspect of our spas.

  1. Our guests are the centre of the Illusions Spa experience
  2. We value skill, expertise and care
  3. We respect every member of the illusions Spa and family
  4. We seek harmony and balance in our work
  5. We are conscious of our environment
  6. We progressively aim to improve and grow

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